This site has been designed for ease of use, and complies with many web standards, this should allow people with varying issues to be able to access the site.


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We have gone to great lengths to conform with the W3C web standards, to bring you a site rich in content yet easily accessed by many groups with disabilities.

Article Buttons

Firstly each article can be viewed in 4 ways: Standard Web Page, PDF, Printed and Emailed. To access PDF, Print or Email use the 3 buttons to the top right of each article:

View as PDF You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe’s PDF reader to view this version, which will allow you to just view the content of the article without buttons or other website clutter, you can zoom into the text, and using a text reader you can have the text spoken for you.

Print Article Sometimes it is easier to read things in a printed form, the button will allow convert the article into an easily printable format, which you can then print, you can also use it as an alternative to the PDF view.

Email Article Finally you can email yourself or others the articles for access later in whatever manner you normally view emails.

Resizing Text

If you are having difficulty with the size of the text on screen you can use your browser to increase or decrease its size, click here for more details.

Content readers

These pages should be easily read using content readers, to allow those who can’t view the pages content.

If you have any difficulties accessing the site, please contact us and we will do our best to improve your experience.