Reporting a crime

“Please note that the London Neighbourhood Watch Association (LNWA) website is not intended as a medium for reporting crime.
Neighbourhood Watch is made up of ordinary householders who combine to form a Neighbourhood “Watch” under a local Coordinator. Each Watch may see its role differently but, essentially, the group watches out for others in the group and reports crime or consequences of crime (e.g. graffiti) to the correct authority. In London, these Watches go on to form Borough Associations. Neighbourhood Watch is managed at a Borough level across London. Borough Associations sign up as members of the London Neighbourhood Watch Association (LNWA) which represents London at a National level. LNWA tries to respond to every enquiry but requests you do not use it to report a crime, a suspected crime or an anticipated crime. LNWA is here to help but can only advise how to report such incidents, not report them for you as the Police do not accept such contact. LNWA’s advice is as follows:

Dial 999 only if you see a crime in progress, suspect one is about to be committed, see someone suspected of a crime or if someone is injured, being threatened or is in danger. Be clear about which service is needed as the 999 system handles calls for the Fire Brigade and Ambulance Service as well as the Police. Deaf and deafened people should dial 18000 in an emergency.