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Welcome to Issue 99 of the LNWA Newsletter – e-mailed to all 32 Boroughs plus the City. You’re receiving this because you are identified as a contact in your Borough. LNWA is anxious information reaches the grassroots so please ensure all Watch members in your Borough are encouraged to read this Newsletter, also accessible with hyperlinks active via our website,


On 3 December, NHWN held an event called ‘The Way Ahead For Neighbourhood Watch’. The purpose was to bring together key Neighbourhood Watch contacts with police colleagues and Police & Crime Commissioners to showcase the new tools and direction for Neighbourhood Watch. A report, summarising each of the speaker presentations and workshops, drawing lessons from the event together into a ‘Next Steps’ plan and containing links where you can download all the supplementary information from the event including PowerPoints, notes and videos, is available at:

A revised, national logo with a new font is one of the key features as is a brand new OurWatch website, coming in 2016. Of more importance to London is that for the past 10 years, Neighbourhood Watch in England and Wales has been managed along “Regional” lines and London, being a Region, has been represented by London Neighbourhood Watch Association. From 2016, rather than the 10 Regions, NHWN will “recognise” the 43 separate Police Forces that currently exist. Among those 43, the Met is considered a single Force but it would not be representative of its size if London were to be considered a single entity. LNWA has, therefore, agreed NHWN will, in future, relate directly to the 32 Boroughs (plus City of London Police) and will step back from its representational role. The next newsletter, Issue 100, will be the last although the LNWA website will continue for the foreseeable future.

All future enquiries should be made directly to NHWN now based at:

Wigston Police Station

Bull Head Street


LE18 1WX

Tel: 0116 402 6111



NHWN is currently running a campaign to match excess Window Stickers with areas where there’s a shortage (i.e. much of London!). If you’re in need of some Window Stickers and aren’t concerned they probably won’t feature the Meerkats, it may be worth contacting NHWN to see what’s available.

That’s it for this month. As usual, LNWA thanks you for your work and support.

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