Issue 89

Welcome to Issue 89 of the LNWA Newsletter – produced to maintain your contact and e-mailed to all 32 Boroughs plus the City. Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) are regularly updated so, if you are receiving this for the first time, it’s because you are identified as the Neighbourhood Watch Contact for your Borough. LNWA is anxious information reaches the grassroots so please ensure everyone in a Watch in your Borough is encouraged to read this Newsletter which is also accessible via our website,

LNWA is pleased to announce Sylvie Chrzanowska, from Wandsworth Neighbourhood Watch Association has joined our team and will, initially, take the role of Regional Coordinator for Boroughs in South West London. Many of you will know Sylvie who has been involved with Neighbourhood Watch for many years. She’s a valued team member and can be contacted via our website.


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A lottery scam takes place when criminals pretend you’ve won a prize in a lottery.  Those most likely to fall victim to this tend to be over the age of 60 and it’s often family members of victims who spot the tell-tale signs of fraud. Criminals normally make contact by letter or email and try to engage in dialogue.  Once you are convinced they are “genuine”, they ask for payment of a fee to release your winnings.  This fee could be to pay taxes or duty, or for a solicitor, banker or judge to authorise the transaction. Often, this first fee will be small but, once they know you are willing to pay, they ask for more and more money, with ever-changing excuses as to why they need it. Victims can end up losing tens of thousands of pounds. No genuine Lottery will ever ask for any sort of fee to be paid.

You may be surprised this type of crime succeeds.  Why would anyone fall prey to a scam like this when they never entered any lottery in the first place?  Why would they pay money when they are supposed to have won millions?  The truth is these criminals are very persuasive and prey on people who are trusting.  Therefore, even if you know you would not be defrauded like this, please spread the message to others in your community to simply delete e-mails which detail you winning money or being in a position to make a fortune.

Meanwhile, if you believe you have become the victim of a fraud or cyber crime, or have received a suspicious email, find out how to report it at

Other recent updates from Action Fraud include

“We’re holding a parcel in your name, scam postcards delivered to resident’s homes” go to:


Normanton Screen Print ( is the national, preferred supplier for Neighbourhood Watch signage.  For a quote, make contact and mention London Neighbourhood Watch Association recommended you. Our key contact at NSP, Kevin Rogers can be reached by e-mail at or telephone on 0115 973 3323.


An early warning that Suzy Lamplugh Trust has confirmed the date for National Personal Safety Day 2015 will be 7th October. The theme is yet to be confirmed, but will be advised as soon as it is decided.

That’s it for this month. As usual, LNWA thanks you for your work and support.

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