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Welcome to Issue 78 of the LNWA Newsletter – produced to maintain your contact with us and e-mailed to all 32 Boroughs plus the City.  Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) are regularly updated so, if you are receiving this for the first time, it’s because you are identified as the Neighbourhood Watch Contact for your Borough.  LNWA is anxious information reaches the grassroots so please ensure everyone in a Watch in your Borough is encouraged to read this Newsletter which is also accessible via our website,


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On Thursday, 13 March it was exactly 50 years since the murder of Kitty Genovese of Queens, New York – a tragedy that resulted in the setting up of the world’s first Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the US.

It seems an opportune time to reflect on how far Neighbourhood Watch has come since then and how it has grown to be a global movement with schemes in countries as diverse as Canada and the Seychelles!  It’s fitting that this year, also, national Neighbourhood Watch-type organisations from different countries within Europe are meeting in October to discuss a potential Europe-wide umbrella group to share good practice and to find what works well for other countries, what problems they face and how they overcome them.

The world has changed a lot in 50 years; the Internet makes connections global and enhances the success of the movement so Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network is posting on Facebook ( and tweeting ( about this significant date in our history and sharing some images of Neighbourhood Watch signs and graphics from our European neighbours in Austria and Estonia.  If you or your Neighbourhood Watch groups use social media, please check the postings, retweet, share and comment!


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During the 2014 Neighbourhood & Home Watch Awards ceremony, on 20 June, NHWN wishes to showcase Watch activities through an audio-visual display of still photographs.  For this purpose, NHWN invites you to send photos relevant to Neighbourhood Watch.  There’s no restriction on subject matter, as long it relates to Neighbourhood Watch in some way but the following guidelines are suggested:

  • Photos should be of reasonable quality, as they will be projected on a screen and in the original electronic format (not a down-sized file).
  • Copyright remains with the owner who must agree to allow NHWN to use the photo for the Award ceremony, in related publicity material and on its website.
  • Where possible, NHWN will try to give credit for the photo but this is not guaranteed.
  • No payments will be made.
  • Ideally, photos should have been taken in the past 18 months.
  • Any member can submit photos directly to NHWN.
  • Please append a short caption for each photo, indicating what’s happening and where.
  • Closing date for submissions is 15th April 2014.

Please submit photos to:


This year’s Big Lunch is scheduled for Sunday, 1 June.  Whether you’re a seasoned Luncher or it’ll be your first on the 1st, the pack is full of goodies from posters and stickers to seeds and ideas to make planning your event easy!  Order your free pack today at:


There’s been confusion recently about the website and whether it relates to either London Neighbourhood Watch Association (LNWA) or Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (NHWN).

Neighbourhood Unite is not affiliated with LNWA or NHWN in any way.  Neither LNWA nor NHWN endorse its services or platform.  We do not work with Neighbourhood Unite and its communication system does not integrate in any way with that of LNWA or Neighbourhood Alert, the official, national database and communication system for Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network.


LNWA advises anyone who’s been the victim of a scam to report it to the police on or 0300 123 2040.  However, it’s always better to take preventative action where possible and good to know what to look for to avoid being taken in.  The charity, Think Jessica ( provides a lot of useful advice about scams.  Its 12-page booklet, ‘Scam mail is blackmail’, is particularly useful and covers lottery and prize draw scams, clairvoyant scams, catalogue scams, courier scams, bank/building society scams and more.  You can order a free hard copy of this booklet by writing to: “Think Jessica, PO Box 4442, Chesterfield S44 9AS”, enclosing a 2nd class stamp or by emailing:

Think Jessica also provides information packs that include a DVD and cost £7.  Free, downloadable posters can be accessed at and, for a fee Think Jessica will supply bulk orders to a group or organisation, which can be personalised with your logo and local contact details if you wish – contact Think Jessica at the address above or on to discuss requirements.

That’s it for this month.  As usual, on behalf of LNWA, thank you for your work and support.

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