Issue 73


Welcome to the 73rd edition of the LNWA Newsletter – produced to maintain your contact with LNWA and e-mailed to all 32 Boroughs plus the City.  Single Points of Contact (SPOCs) are regularly updated so, if you are receiving it for the first time, it’s because you are identified as the Neighbourhood Watch Contact for your Borough.  LNWA is anxious information reaches the grassroots so please ensure everyone in a Watch in your Borough is encouraged to read this Newsletter which is also accessible via our website, 
Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network is working with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust on a piece of work to investigate cuts to local services – particularly street lighting – and how they relate to people’s feelings of safety where they live.  Suzy Lamplugh Trust has made various Freedom of Information requests about cuts to services and the survey results will be compared with the responses.  Your input is valuable and all responses are anonymous.  You can take the survey at:
The National Crime Agency was officially launched this month alongside the Serious and Organised Crime Strategy.  The aim of the strategy is to substantially reduce the level of serious and organised crime affecting the UK and its interests.  Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network has been invited to become a member on the Home Office, VCSE Serious Organised Crime Group to help shape and influence delivery of this strategy and subsequent action plans.  It’s expected their remit will relate to sharing key information and raising awareness of serious and organised crime via national, regional and local networks through campaigns with the Home Office and other organisations.  To view the full strategy, the VCSE strategy briefing document or for more information, please go to:
With Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night approaching, Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network has produced a flyer on the topic of Fire Safety which can be downloaded from the OurWatch website at:
If you’re not already a subscriber, the latest NHWN Newsletter is available at:
I have been asked to make you aware people are being contacted by individuals falsely claiming to be from Crimestoppers.  For more information, go to:
Thanks to a colleague in Haringey for making me aware every industry has an annual award system so it’s no surprise there’s one for website hosting companies.  If you’re thinking of launching a website or considering changing your hosting company, you may be interested to note the following (all British) businesses were all finalists in the 2013 ISPA awards: 4d Data Centres; Datanet; Macace; Storm Internet; StratoGen; and Virtual Internet.
Streetbank launched its new website just over 2 weeks ago and numbers show communities are becoming more generous by offering ever more things – and losing a bit of shyness by making more requests of neighbours.
Apparently, it’s not been an entirely smooth ride and some of you might not have heard back from a neighbour.  It’s unlikely they are being unresponsive but more likely the website hasn’t been working perfectly.  Streetbank apologises for this and confirms it has now solved the problem.  If you’ve not heard back from an e-mail you sent via Streetbank, it might be worth resending your message.  There’s still a way to go and Streetbank will continue working to make improvements.  Send your feedback by clicking the “help us to improve” tab on the Streetbank website. 
That’s it for this month.  As usual, on behalf of LNWA, thank you for your work and support.
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